Monday, June 28, 2010

I. Am. Never. Leaving.

Don't try to talk me out of it.
I'm trading in my return flight for an apartment.
And some Hungarian language lessons.
I. am. never. leaving.
(I'll be home by 7pm New York time).


  1. Beautiful Lisa. It's all beautiful and I'm swooning over your photos as usual. You have such a tremendous ability to capture "place" with the snap of a shutter.

    I've often gotten the same reaction from folks visiting Minnesota for the first time, seeing the amazing forests and endless lakes and the mighty rivers and they look around wide eyed at it all, then back at me in awe. It isn't lost on me that I'm surrounded by natural beauty, and sometimes I just need to look at it with fresh eyes. It helps me to continually appreciate where I am, and to help prevent me from longing to be elsewhere. Your pictures make me feel like I'm right by your side.

  2. thanks kate!

    My visitors aren't usually in awe of long island (ha!) but still having visitors is nice because it helps me remember all the things that I do like about living here.


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