Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scenes from Georgia; The country not the state.

The reason I point out that I am referring to the country of Georgia, as opposed to The Peachtree State, is that a surprising amount of people don't even know that there is a country named Georgia.
In the weeks before I left I had several conversations that went something like this:

Educated individual: Oh you are going on vacation? That's so nice where are you going?
Me: Well, I'll be going to Armenia and Georgia.
Educated individual: Oh, so you're not leaving the country then?
Me: Georgia is a country. Sigh.
We walked through ancient streets, we got lost in Gonio (and wandered the beach till we found a "hotel"). We swam in the Black Sea, We took the midnight (Soviet) train, we ate a lot of pastries, we climbed around a few forts and we hiked through the ancient cave village in Gori.


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! Swimming in the Black Sea sounds AMAZING.


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