Saturday, June 5, 2010

Simple Sangria

A summer thursday night includes bar-b-que, friends and Sangria. I got this recipe last weekend from a friend (Hi Lauren!) and couldn't wait to make it. I made Sangria a few times last summer but never really settled on a recipe that I liked. This one is fruity and so simple to make. 
I planned to replace the Diet Sprite with seltzer to cut down on the sweetness (and ditch the aspartame) but in the end I forgot to add it at all. It was delicious anyway, but if you want some bubbles without the added sugar just add 1-2 cups of seltzer or splash some right into your glass. 
Simple Sangria 
I used an inexpensive Argentinian Carmenere but a Malbec, Rioja or really any red wine would be fine. Don't waste anything expensive since you're mixing it with juice and fruit anyway. That being, said an inexpensive wine is different than a bad wine. There are plenty of decent wines out there that won't break the bank but if your wine has gone bad you will taste that in the Sangria. 
Adapted from Lauren Lichtenstein / Makes 1 1/2 litres 

4 cups Red Wine (see headnote) 
1/2-1 cup Peach Schnapps 
2 cups Orange Juice (no pulp) 
Splash of seltzer (optional) 
Lot's of cut up fruit. 
I used: 1 green apple, 1 large orange, 3 nectarines 
Lauren and I also recommend: cherries, mango, pineapple, plums and grapes 

Combine wine, schnapps, juice, fruit and seltzer in a pitcher. Serve over ice and be ready to make several more batches throughout the night ;) 
To make ahead of time: combine everything but the seltzer and store in the fridge up to 8 hours. 

Lauren's Original Sangria 
4 cups Merlot 
1 cup Peach Brandy 
2 cups Orange juice (no pulp) 
2 cups Diet Sprite 
Lot's of cut up fruit.

See above for instructions.

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