Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's get my priorities straight.

This city is so LOUD. All. The.Time.
I signed my lease on Monday and moved into my new apartment Tuesday. I have two roommates (who y'all will meet in a later post), and a fire escape where I can sit in the mornings; just like I did on my balcony in Binghamton. Only this time it's not quiet - even at 5:30am. I'm actually sitting on it as I write this and getting some really weird looks from people walking up the avenue, but who cares, I'm outside. I don't know if I would make it here if I couldn't be.

Just so you can get a feel for my priorities here: I'm sleeping on an air bed until I can transport my mattress, I forgot sheets, I have no furniture except 3 camping chairs, I haven't even changed the light bulb in my bathroom or connected the internet - but within six hours of moving in I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, organized the cabinets, set up appliances and stocked the fridge with food. Ha! I barely cleaned the bathroom first  [okay, that's a lie I definitely cleaned the bathroom first thing]. I'm always the most grossed out by bathrooms and kitchens - now that both of those are clean and organized it doesn't really bother me that the floor is dusty [haven't bought a vacuum yet], or that I have no kitchen table [let's face it I'd rather be on the fire escape anyway]. At least there are vegetables [and apple cider!] in my refrigerator and I won't contract something from the shower.

Plus, not having any furniture is kind of fun, it makes the apartment seem bigger. Maybe we'll do this super minimalist style: Each person gets 1 floor cushion, 1 mug for coffee/tea, and a singing bowl to learn patience. Or I guess we could just be normal furniture-loving Americans and buy a couch.


  1. More pics :)! Especially kitchen.
    And I'm curious about your roommates...

  2. where you livin gurl?
    And don't worry about the noise, though I totally understand your pain. It's really amazing how used to it you get over time.

  3. @luvssunflowers - yep!

    @coconut and vanilla - More pics soon I promise! And roommates too!

    @Liza - 67th and 1st. you still in BK?


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