Monday, September 27, 2010

As Requested.

Meet the roommates, Chris and Katherine.

 Someone made us laugh...

That's better...

Bellweather dry hard apple cider from the market...

Some kitchen pictures as requested by Lena...

 My room - still packed up, no bed, no furniture. I'll get there.

Our living room is a mess. It's mostly my fault - I have too many various flours and mason jars and no where to put them yet. I'll post some pictures once we get our act together.


  1. Thanky for the pictures ;).
    Nice kitchen you have. And a gas stove! A dream.

  2. I have those same striped towels! In green!! I look forward to seeing what you create with the stove, the roomies, and your new life. :-)

  3. Wait til you try to roast a turkey or a chicken in that half sized stove....bah! I have the same size one here in Bing and I cannot wait to have a bigger one!

  4. @ Lena - Thank you! Yes, gas stoves are the best :)

    @Kate - Thank you! and they are great hand towels aren't they? (I pilfered mine from the father's house haha!)

    @Jack - You never saw the little tiny apartment size stove/oven I had last year in Bing. It's not so bad really. I had no trouble with roasting chickens - although we did our thanksgiving turkey in the downstairs oven so I'm not sure how that will go this year. However, I think the small oven is most inhibiting for baking - no full size jellyroll pans or cookie sheets. No big deal though - I'm just glad the stove isn't in the middle of my living room like most other apartments I looked at.


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