Friday, March 19, 2010

The nicest thing

About a week ago, a friend told me she was impressed with how I stick to my hobbies. It was probably the nicest thing she could have said and it made me laugh. It made me laugh, because I always thought I was pretty lazy, even when it came to the things I really wanted to do (read: learn another language).

Then I started to think about it and realized she’s right. This blog has become quite a commitment, but even on the days when I don’t want to write or, most of all, edit my pictures, I do. I’d like to think I do it on my own accord, but in all honestly, what keeps me going is knowing that If I don’t post, all of you would know. If you weren't there to hold me to my schedule, then maybe one busy day I would simply forget. I would go about my day eating things that I haven't photographed, making meals without sharing their praises, and never catching my words on paper.

At first I might feel a little guilty that I missed a post but, as with anything, that would get easier with time. Each missed post would sting a little less until eventually I would forget that it was ever important to me at all.

I’m sure you could all go on living, even without my recipes, and sure my friends and family would understand, but what about all of you who I’ve never met? Would you be disappointed in me? I’d like to think so. I follow some of you through your own blogs and stories and I know I would be saddened if you stopped posting.

I've been sitting on this recipe for a few weeks now. Stomping it back into the far reaches of my mind any time the thought creeps forward. Stomping it back in part because I ate so much chocolate while making it, that the thought of chocolate made me sick; but mainly because I just didn't want to search through the 150 pictures I took.

Well yesterday I finally caught myself up - mostly. So this one is for you, lovely readers. All 76-100 of you. Thanks for making me sort my pictures, my recipes, my words.

Chocolate Covered Candied Grapefruit Peels
Adapted very loosely from from Smitten Kitchen's Orangettes.

1 Grapefruit
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
16 oz Good quality dark chocolate

Slice the ends off the grapefruit. Score the skin into strips and peel it. Trim the edges.
In a medium pot, blanch the peels for 10 minutes.
Drain and repeat twice more. This will help remove some of the bitterness as well as the pesticides.
After blanching for the third time, combine the water and sugar in the pot. Bring to a simmer and add the grapefruit peels. 
Simmer, covered, for 1 hour (I found that after around 20 minutes the much of the liquid had evaporated to spite the cover. If this happens add more sugar and water on a 1:1 ratio. Check it every now and then so that they don't burn at the edges like mine did).
After an hour remove the peels and lay out to drain and place on a rack to cool and drain.
Once the peels have cooled melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Dip the peels in chocolate and place on parchment paper to dry. Store peels in an airtight container and try not to eat any leftover melted chocolate with a spoon - I can tell you from experience it's a bad idea.


  1. What a fun recipe! I'd never have thought of doing an orangette with grapefruit (grapefruitettes?) but yours look so lovely!

    Also - I totally agree about the accountability of blogging and how good it is for us. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like, well, I'll write another post but mainly just because I know someone's reading. What would blogging be without the someones who are reading??!! It is what I love most about it, this great community. I also love being able to look back and see words I've recorded, to remember my life, in a way I wouldn't have gotten to. Yes. Good to think about that this morning.

  2. I like the sound of lemonettes. Limettes? Would they go well with dark chocolate?

    Please don't stop. Let's make a pact to keep entertaining each other. To keep noticing how simple life can be, and how perfectly made food can enhance our lives. And to share it with those who have stumbled across our corners of the world and keep returning, to cheer us on and see what we've done with our days. To eat grapefruitettes. Or crispy kale.

    I think that more people need to see what you do. Your photos are so lovely, and your words so fine. I am always excited to see you in my Reader.

  3. Shannalee- you are so right I like looking back to read my old posts and sometimes I'm completely surprised at what I had to say haha

    Kate- you're so sweet! i also love seeing you posts in google they are so eloquently written.
    Lemonettes!! they would be my favorite i'm sure of it. I'm not so sure about limes though. the peels are so thin it might be hard to do.

  4. "What would blogging be without the someones who are reading??!! "

    It would be me up at 2:30 in the morning trying to catch up on what I did over a month ago and instead deciding to visit my friend Lisa's facebook and of course inevitably being led to her blog. I wish I had enough time to write it every day instead of needing to catch up!

  5. Hi Lisa.

    Wow, these look delicious. I tried something similar with orange slices once, but Grapefruit I love even more!

    I have a publishing proposal I would like to email you, if you'd be so kind as to provide me an email address?

    many thanks in advance,

  6. Just saw this - how lovely and inspirational. Keep writing and so will I.

    p.s. Thanks for the photo credits :)


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