Monday, March 29, 2010

Cabbage With Apple Cider Vinaigrette

For the most part I’ve been sharing baked goods because they usually have a story, a reason they’ve come to be. But what happens to all those things I eat in between cookies, cakes and ice cream – I promise, I do eat other things in between. Well those are the ones that slip through the cracks. Those are the ones that never get shared, the ones that go on silently in the shadow of their more outspoken counterparts. The truth is sometimes a recipe is just a recipe. Sometimes it doesn’t have a story or a thoughtful way in which it came to be. Sometimes the only reason I make something is to eat it. Sometimes I’m just hungry. Shouldn’t those foods get a chance to join the party too? I think so. 

Cabbage with Apple Cider Vinaigrette
I left out the apples this time because my housemate is allergic. Serves 2-6 depending on whether it's eaten as a side or a main course.

1 head green cabbage
1-2 golden delicious apples (optional)
apple cider vinegar
dijon mustard
good quality olive oil
salt and pepper

Whisk dijon mustard, vinegar and oil in a small bowl. I don't really measure it I just use a 1:1:1 proportion for the 3 ingredients so you can make as much or as little as you want. The mustard will help thicken it a bit. Set aside.

Cut off the bottom of the cabbage. Slice it into shreds as if you were going to make coleslaw. wash well in a colander and place in a wide shallow pot with 1/2-1 inch water. Cover and cook on high for a couple minutes until just tender. It should till have a crunch to it. Drain and toss with vinaigrette. Add salt and pepper to taste. Can be eaten immediately but tastes just as good or better after soaking overnight.

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  1. Cabbage salads have always been one of my favorites, as I grew up eating them often. My Mom loved cabbage. She would make Good Seasons dressing, chop the cabbage, douse it and then grind in lots of pepper.

    These days I love cabbage in many ways, most recently I've really loved it with shredded apple and a dollop of good blue cheese dressing. Plus lots of good fresh ground pepper. Can't say why. It just makes me happy that way.

  2. mm i love it with apple and blue cheese dressing too, it's such a refreshing combination


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