Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chocolate Fondue

I've had a fondue pot for probably 8 years now. I FINALLY used it for the first time yesteday...for breakfast...actually it was New Year's Brunch, don't judge.
Its really a very simple thing to do and who doesn't like dipping things in hot melted chocolate?

Chocolate Fondue
I put out cut up bananas, strawberries, pineapple and mango because I really like the contrast of juicy fruit with rich chocolate. Other popular choices are pretzels, Williams-Sonoma Marshmellows, and poundcake. Since this was brunch I also served french toast and a dutch baby pancake...It was delicious drizzled over both. Serves 10-12.

8oz good quality dark chocolate, chopped into small even pieces
1/2-3/4 cup heavy cream (room temperature)
Splash of vanilla
Splash of Grand Marnier (optional)

cut up fruit and other things for dipping (see head notes)

(They don't make my small little fondue pot anymore so i figured I would link to the gorgeous copper one that I wish I had)

Light the sterno or candle and place it in the holder under your fondue pot to preheat the pot.

In a small pot* heat a 1/2 cup cream until it's steaming. Add chopped chocolate stirring constantly with a whisk. Add more cream a little at a time as needed until smooth. Add the vanilla. Add the Grand Marnier if using. Pour chocolate into fondue pot and serve immediately with things to dip.

*Usually chocolate is melted in a double boiler but since the cream is heated first and the chocolate added second it won't burn as easily. Just watch it carefully and stir it constantly.

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