Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Mountain Recap

I love Vermont. It's always been one of my favorite states (the other is Maine). I took almost 1000 pictures this week but I'll leave you with just a few. Head over to my Flickr for more.

Top of Mt. Snow
Picture courtesy of another skiier

Morning sun in the kitchen

Alexis' backyard                                                   Bryan and Louie

Top of Olympic at Mt. Snow
Picture courtesy of Bryan Khouri

Alexis' Mom Cami made a delicious chicken pot pie in the largest cast iron skillet I've ever seen. Look at the size of Brett's head next to it for perspective. It took two of us to lift it into the oven.

Left: Vermont Sapling (maple syrup liquor) SO good, especially ice cold. I meant to bring a bottle home but just didn't get a chance.
Right: Alexis' and I making baked ziti in the giant cast iron pan. Picture courtesy of Bryan Khouri

Drinking Camtinis while we cook.
Picture courtesy of Bryan Khouri

It's actually a lot of fun to cook in mass quantity but we had no idea how to judge the proper amount. We made 8 boxes of rigatoni but ended up filling this pan with probably 5 or 6. We used the leftover tomato sauce and meatballs that Cami made for dinner earlier in the week, freshly grated mozzarella, whole milk ricotta, 2 eggs, fresh parsley and parmesan. The tomato sauce and crumbled up meatballs totally made it. Cami promised me the recipe and I'm very excited since I have yet to come up with meatballs that I'm totally happy with.

Cami's Homemade Black Forest Truffles (watch out Lindt you've got competition.)



The group in Alexis' Living Room

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