Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lucky Star

Last week, while I was in South Carolina, my Dad and my Stepmom (Vivian) visited my sister (Melissa) in Florence. Since they obviously know about my blog and slight obsession with food they started sending me pictures of everything they ate and requested a place on my blog. Here's a couple pictures from their trip. I apologize for the poor picture quality, Blackberry's built in camera isn't quite up to DSLR quality yet ;).

They stopped first in Paris for a few days and made friends with the bartender. Her name is Aurelie and the drink in her hand is a Lucky Star. It's an official recipe for the hotel George V but she was kind enough to share it with the promise of a place on my blog.
Aurelie holding a Lucky Star at the bar. Picture courtesy of Vivian Sterling

Picture courtesy of Vivian Sterling

Next stop? Florence.
A cafe in the Piazza della Republica
Picture courtesy of Vivian Sterling

Melissa in front of her apartment. Look at those GORGEOUS doors! 
Picture courtesy of Vivian Sterling

They also went to my favorite restaurant in Florence (without me!?) and sent some pictures to make me drool. 
Picture Courtesy of Gary Fischoff
Picture courtesy of Gary Fischoff

Lucky Star

From the Four Seasons George V Paris/Serves 1.

In a glass tumbler add:
8 crushed mint leaves and  hand full of ice cubes

Fill half of the glass with cranberry juice and the rest with Perrier or other soda water
Add fresh red berries (1 strawberry cut into pieces,3 raspberries and 1 or 2 black currants)
Stir add a piece of mint for garnish.

I made one this afternoon, a little light on the cranberry, with strawberries in it. I didn't have mint but it was still good. Next time I will definitely add the mint and some black currants (I love currants!)

My Lucky Star was not nearly as pretty as Aurelie's

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